Monday, November 21, 2011

Facebook lists - a how-to

I know LOTS of people (especially page owners) have been having trouble adjusting to the recent changes to Facebook. Gone are the days when you saw status updates from ALL of the friends and pages you're connected with.

Instead, Facebook has begun selecting the status updates and information that IT thinks you’re most interested in, based on a complex algorithm (that doesn’t seem to work very well, let me say!)

So, if you want to go back to the Facebook you knew and loved, here’s the easiest way I have found…

YOU NEED TO MAKE A LIST (or lists – whichever you prefer).

To begin:

- Hover over the LISTS heading, then click MORE when it appears.

- At the top of the page click on CREATE A LIST.

- Give your list a NAME.

- You should see ‘Add friends to this list to see their updates’. Click on ADD FRIENDS.

- It might take a while for you list of FRIENDS to load but be patient… they will. Once they do, go to the little drop-down menu at the top left of the screen that says FRIENDS (with an arrow down). You should also get an option for PAGES. Click on that. Again, depending on how many pages you follow, these might take a little while to load.

- Once you can see the thumbnails of all your pages simply scroll through and select each one you want to add to your list (or you can also search for pages by name).

- When you're finished, click DONE.

To make sure you receive ALL status updates from your friends and pages, you need to do one more thing. Click on the list you want to edit. At the top right you will see a drop-down box that says MANAGE LIST with a down arrow. Click on it and then click on UPDATES TO SHOW. If you make sure there is a tick next to every item (which I think is the default anyway) then you won’t miss a thing!

And finally, if you have more than one list (for example Friends, Family, Businesses) you can add your most commonly used lists to your FAVOURITES on the left menu pane of your homepage. You simply go back to LISTS and MORE then click on the little pencil icon next to the list you want to add as a favourite. It will give you the option ADD TO FAVOURITES.

I do hope this helps!

x Bec

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