Friday, October 28, 2011

Right of reply

Today I feel sad. Yesterday I was angry. I'm not sure how I'm going to feel tomorrow.
For 2 years now I have put my heart and my soul into building a little business and into building a reputation as an honest, professional business owner.
Two days ago, I was labelled a bully by a small number of women, in front of a group of my peers and customers.
I was given no opportunity to defend myself. No discussion was entered into. My name and my business has been dragged through the mud because... well... I still do not know.
As best I can tell, I have been targetted for nothing more than having spoken my mind about matters concerning me and my business. And because a small number of women have decided that they do not like me.
Their actions have been a disgrace. Unlawful even.
But I am proud, and I hold my head high, that I have ALWAYS acted in a mature and respectful manner both in my personal and business lives.
I am placing my faith and my trust in those peers and customers to make up their own minds about me - based upon their own experiences and what THEY know to be true.
Today I am sad. But because some things are out of our control, tomorrow I will move on.
I might even throw a little party!