Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Canberra: stage 1

So, we're here. The move from Port Macquarie to Canberra is over. I spent nearly four weeks on my own, with two kids, running a business and packing up a 4-bedroom house. So glad that it's finally over. Exhausted just doesn't describe how I was feeling last week. I have never been so tired in all my life. But I survived. We're home. A family again.
Needless to say one of the things I've missed about the capital region is the seasons - spring blooms, crisp autumn mornings followed by glorious days, winter afternoons by the fire.
We've come home to the most beautiful spring I've seen here in years. The drought is gone, the trees and flowers are making a comeback. And the yard at our modest little rental is just beautiful!

Even in this afternoon's rain, my girls have had a blast - playing on their new (gifted) slippery slide, riding their scooter, tossing the ball for Charlie and watching the little birds flit about the garden. They've already got their fairy garden set up again and are waiting for their first visitors.

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